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*** Further to the announcement to the shareholders of Genwat Limited, it has been agreed that after trying to secure a suitable site, funding and the requisite contracts, Genwat Limited will now be liquidated in an orderly manner. Effectively, Genwat's prospects were limited from March 2010 and one of the directors supported it personally despite its lack of a route to success. Further information will be emailed to shareholders but shareholders should consider that there is no value in their shareholdings as at March 2012. This announcement is dated 10th July 2013 and updated January 22nd 2014***

Genwat identifies opportunities to acquire brownfield commercial or industrial land to build and operate small scale, environmentally friendly plants that turn waste to energy. These Micro Renewable Energy Power Plants are modular in design and use residential and/or commercial waste, which is destined for landfill and cannot be economically recycled or composted, as fuel to burn and heat water to create steam which is used to drive a turbine to generate electricity.

The concept was born from the creation of a proven technology used extensively in Nordic countries which has now been applied to a new market demand enabling the combustion of waste to take place using Advanced Thermal Treatment and ensures outstanding environmental performance. This allows the Plants to be situated close to waste producers and homes and businesses seeking affordable green electricity and hot water. The Plants qualify as renewable energy sources and for Renewable Obligation Certificates because of the renewable energy credentials.

Genwat's mission is to partner with communities who want to help the environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and produce environmentally friendly energy. Genwat encourage increasing the levels of recycling so that as much waste as possible can be reused.

Genwat is actively seeking more sites to build Plants on and welcomes enquiries from land owners, agents or Joint Venture partners.

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